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How to make a vintage camera slr camera

How to make a vintage camera slr camera

I got a vintage Nikon SLR camera and wanted to make one myself, so here are my top tips for making a great vintage SLR slr.1.

Get some partsYou’ll need:1.

A camera body and lens2.

An adapter3.

A screwdriver4.

A small metal tool5.

A razor blade6.

A bit of glue7.

A glue stick8.

A tape measure9.

A pair of scissors10.

A pencil11.

A hobby knife12.

Some glue13.

A paperclip14.

A few scrapes15.

Some scrapes of wood16.

A little bit of paper17.

A plastic bag18.

A couple of tools19.

A paintbrush20.

A ruler21.

A spray bottle22.

Some scissors23.

A piece of wood24.

A pen25.

A sharp knife26.

A marker27.

A file28.

A set of scissors29.

A glass lens30.

A lens cleaner31.

A brush32.

A dryer33.

A vacuum cleaner34.

A nailer35.

A toothbrush36.

A hairbrush37.

A mask38.

A candle39.

A flashlight40.

A tube of WD40.

Some duct tape41.

Some zip ties42.

A bottle of water43.

Some paint thinner44.

A lighter45.

A box of glue46.

A roll of duct tape47.

A sheet of duct paper48.

A tiny metal box of duct cement49.

A large plastic container of duct glue50.

A jar of ductile glue51.

A funnel52.

A stack of tape53.

A package of ductilene54.

A handful of duct sealant55.

A metal pipe56.

A rubber band57.

A stick58.

A bunch of duct clamps59.

A strip of duct rubber60.

A towel61.

A can of paint spray62.

A water hose63.

A cloth soaked in water64.

A rag65.

A cardboard tube66.

A ballpoint pen67.

A disposable pen68.

A pad of paper69.

A newspaper70.

A bar of soap71.

A cigarette lighter72.

A coin jar73.

A packet of paint cleaner74.

A pack of paint strippers75.

A bag of paint paste76.

A bowl of paintbrushes77.

A pile of paint chips78.

A tray of paintbrush soap79.

A bucket of paint thinner80.

A bin of paint brushes81.

A gallon of paint liquid82.

A pot of paint oil83.

A half gallon of water84.

A cooler85.

A coffee cup86.

A mug87.

A mop of water88.

A garbage can89.

A tarp90.

A big bag of laundry clothes91.

A crate92.

A suitcase93.

A trash can94.

A huge bag of garbage95.

A backpack96.

A trunk97.

A duffel bag98.

A boat’s hull99.

A bike helmet100.

A purse101.

A sock sock101.

An empty bag102.

A diaper bag103.

A wallet104.

A shopping bag105.

A laptop bag106.

A shirt107.

A beach towel108.

A coat109.

A hood10.

An old pair of shoes11.

An umbrella12.

A bookbag13.

An iPod/MP3 player14.

An airbrush15.

A magnifying glass16.

An electric razor17.

An auto washer18.

An ice pick19.

An electrical screwdriver20.

An aquarium pump21.

An alarm clock22.

A whistle23.

An ammonia tank24.

An oxygen tank25.

An anti-fog spray26.

An infrared thermometer27.

An oxyacetylene bulb28.

An acetylene torch29.

An electronic scale30.

An emergency whistle31.

An earplugs32.

An underwater radio detector33.

An accelerometer34.

An ultrasonic sensor35.

An electromagnetic compass36.

An electromagnetometer37.

An magnetometer38.

An ultrasound sensor39.

An optical sensor40.

An RFID chip41.

An electroscope42.

An X-ray detector43.

An acoustic sensor44.

An ultraviolet sensor45.

An x-ray transducer46.

An electron microscope47.

An ion beam detector48.

An ultra-high-resolution image detector49.

An atomic force microscope50.

An ultrasensitive X-rays detector51.

An adaptive optics sensor52.

An laser range finder53.

An IR spectrograph54.

An interferometer55.

An image stabilization system56.

An optoelectronic amplifier57.

An analog video camera58.

An LCD TV59.

An LED light meter60.

An audio amplifier61.

An HDTV-capable display62.

An OLED display63.

An FPGA64.

An ARM64.

An Arduino-based digital camera controller65.

An Arduino-powered audio controller66.

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