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How to get ready for Hurricane Florence: A guide to gear for a rainy day

How to get ready for Hurricane Florence: A guide to gear for a rainy day

Hurricane Florence is approaching the East Coast, and with it, more rain and snow.

Here are five essentials to have ready for the worst.


Gear for a storm with a wetter, stormier outlook: It’s always best to be prepared for the possibility of heavy rain and winds that will cause flooding and power outages.

Here’s what to bring: a.) a rain jacket or rain pants (for hot weather) b.) a wet or dry hat and gloves c.) a dry-weather waterproof jacket and pants d.) waterproof pants, gloves and rain boots e.) a light rain coat or jacket.2.

Your personal weather forecast: If the forecast is for a warm, dry, sunny day, you’ll want to have your own weather forecast.

This way, you can plan ahead for the weather and keep your eyes on the forecast and you can make smart decisions to get prepared for whatever comes.3.

Weather gear for your mobile phone: While the weather is always unpredictable, it’s always wise to keep your mobile device handy.

A smart smartphone and an umbrella will keep you safe and help you avoid storm-related issues.4.

Personal rain gear: If you’re camping or have your home in a flood-prone area, consider carrying a water-resistant jacket and rain pants.

These items will keep your clothes dry while you’re in the rain, and they can help keep you dry if you do need to go outside.5.

A portable shelter: This is the most versatile way to keep warm in the hot weather.

It’s also a good way to protect your belongings and help avoid rain.6.

A few extra layers: The best way to stay safe during an evacuation is to have a few extra jackets, pants and rainpants to wear when you get out.7.

Rain gear for the car: If your vehicle is equipped with a rain cover, the best thing to do is get a rain hood and a rain cap.8.

Rain boots: Rain boots are a great way to get your feet wet, and while they may look like they’re made for hiking, they can be great for getting through a rainstorm.9.

Windproof jackets: Windproof jacket and windproof rain pants are great for keeping you dry when you need to get to a shelter or other important locations.10.

Rain shoes: Rain shoes can help you stay dry in the heat, and rain shoes can also help you save time and money when it comes to getting to shelter locations.11.

A small rain jacket: A small, light rain jacket can be handy in the summer when you’re heading into the city or to the beach for a fun, hot day.12.

Clothing for a hurricane-prone state: For a rainy season that could include flooding, you might want to bring a few items to keep you warm, including: a. a pair of pants or rain socks b. a hooded rain jacket c. a rain hat and windbreaker d. a waterproof coat and a hat e. a windbreaker, wind hood and wind pants f. rain pants, wind cap and rain gloves g. a jacket and a hood h. a hat and rain socks j. a lightweight rain coat and rain hood k. a light jacket and storm hood l. a head cover and a pair s and gloves m. a dry rain coat p. rain shoes r. a backpack and rain bag s and socks t. and gloves u. a storm hat and storm cap z. a weather hood and storm cape10 essentials for the season aheadThe storm forecast is constantly evolving.

The storm season begins in mid-June and continues through mid-October.

The last major storm to hit the Northeast occurred on September 1, 2018, with Hurricane Florence sweeping across the East coast.

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