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How Canon’s new DSLR camera is different from the competition

How Canon’s new DSLR camera is different from the competition

Canon announced the Canon DSSLR C7, which is a DSLR camera that has two lenses and an optical image stabilization system, in March.

The camera uses Canon’s first-ever full-frame CMOS sensor, which has a 1.3µm pixel size and a 2.8µ m pixel size.

Canon has added a new 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor to the Canon C100 DSLR model, which means the camera can shoot 4K video at 60fps, while still keeping the full resolution of the original CMOS camera.

The new camera features Canon’s popular X-Trans CMOS Image Processor.

Canon’s X-T1 image processor is capable of shooting 1080p video and can also capture 5K video.

This is a significant upgrade to the X-Pro2 image processor, which was released last year.

The X-series image processors have a 2x to 3x increase in resolution, and Canon’s latest camera is capable the highest frame rates of 4K and up to 8K video capture.

This camera has a full-length LCD touchscreen and a USB-C port that can charge the camera up to 10 hours on a single charge.

There are a few notable differences between the C7 and the C100, which include the camera’s sensor size and image processing.

Canon also claims the C700 is “the most powerful CMOS-based camera on the market” and is the first camera in Canon’s history to record 4K footage in 1080p at 60 fps, and the first full-size digital SLR camera to record up to 24-megapixels.

Canon says the C750 will have “record speeds of up to 20 times faster than other CMOS sensors,” which could mean a substantial increase in video recording speeds.

There is also the fact that the C1000 is Canon’s smallest DSLR and the company says the camera will be available in three sizes: 6-inches, 8-inches and 10-inches.

Canon announced that the new Canon C7 will be priced at $1,499.99.

You can check out the camera specs and prices below.

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