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How to set up a secret camera at your business

How to set up a secret camera at your business

In the digital age, business owners are increasingly turning to cameras that can secretly record their employees.

If you have an employee who’s being watched and it doesn’t appear to be a criminal act, that’s a security issue.

But if you have a child who’s been using a mobile phone while in school, or if you’re using a business phone while doing business with another business, you’re in a very different situation.

A security camera will record your employee in the moment you need it.

But it also captures the moment of your employee’s behavior, and the person is also being recorded, and then the video is saved on your server, where it can be viewed by a third party.

There’s no law preventing your employee from recording your business’s employees, but it’s important to understand the rules and the consequences of using one of these cameras at your location.

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