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When the NSA is spying on you, your privacy is at risk

When the NSA is spying on you, your privacy is at risk

When the U.S. government uses its ubiquitous spy camera program to monitor people’s digital activities, it’s up to the companies to get the right technology in place.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the country use similar programs to monitor phone and email records, but many tech companies are reluctant to provide the government with data about their users, even when it’s requested by the agency.

This year, lawmakers are looking to change that.

Congress is working to get Congress to pass the so-called Digital Privacy Protection Act, which would allow tech companies to opt out of the government’s surveillance programs.

This bill, however, is stalled in the Senate and the White House is pushing for a stronger version.

And if the government wants to spy on you without your consent, it won’t get that easily.

This is the first in a series of stories about the privacy risks of the spy camera programs.

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intelligence community is spying in secret How surveillance cameras are being used in Europe, the United Kingdom and AustraliaThis story originally appeared on CNN.com.

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