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‘It is a big deal’: BBC’s Nicky Campbell on how the World Cup changed her life and the lives of her daughters

‘It is a big deal’: BBC’s Nicky Campbell on how the World Cup changed her life and the lives of her daughters

“It is something that I really do feel very strongly about, which is that the World Cups have a very positive impact on women’s football and it’s something that we all really do appreciate and look forward to.”

In an interview with Sky Sports, Campbell spoke about the changing faces of football fans, and what it was like to watch her daughters’ national team.

The 24-year-old, who is a lifelong fan of the sport, is a fan of both teams and has always been keen to watch the USA take on Germany.

She has watched every game since she was a child and said she had always been a big fan of a number of women’s sides.

“I think I was born in 1960 and I have watched every World Cup since then, it’s always been one of the highlights for me, and I’ve always been very passionate about women’s sports.”

There’s so much that I love about women.

I really think that the sport has a lot to offer for women and I think that’s why so many of the women’s teams that we’ve seen are fantastic.

“It is such a unique sport, so different from football.

There’s so many things that I can get excited about.”

Football is a lot more focused on winning, so it’s more focused in terms of the emotion.

But I’ve watched it all and I love the sport and I’m always excited to see what the women do.

“I am really passionate about the game and the players and I like to see the best of the best and the girls are always a really exciting group of players.”

That’s something I’ve been looking forward to watching for the past few years, especially because the players are very young and have just come through the system.

“Campbell’s daughters are the only women in their respective age groups in the USA.

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