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What you need to know about the new Google’s 4K camera

What you need to know about the new Google’s 4K camera

Google has introduced a new 4K video camera for the first time.

The company announced the camera at its developer conference in Barcelona today.

The camera will support up to 5K resolution, so it’s essentially a bigger version of the Pixel 2 XL camera.

The Pixel 2 will come with a 20MP rear camera and 4K recording capability.

However, it’s not clear when the new camera will be available for purchase.

The only thing that’s clear is that the camera will have a new, high-resolution display, a better camera and a new design.

In terms of specs, the new Pixel 2 camera should be more powerful than the previous Pixel 2.

It’ll have a bigger 1080p camera with a faster sensor.

However the new 5K camera will get more pixels per inch (ppi), so the Pixel will be able to capture even more content.

However it won’t support HDR yet, as Google is waiting for its HDR-capable HDR10 to hit the Pixel phones before the new 4k camera launches.

The new camera also supports HDR12, which means the camera can support high-contrast, ultra-high-contour content like sports videos, gaming, and other videos.

In other words, it will support HDR12.

So we’re definitely looking forward to the new 1080p 5K Pixel 2 and the new HDR12 camera.

Read more about the Pixel camera and other Google news at Google.com.

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