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Body-worn cameras are the next big thing for security cameras

Body-worn cameras are the next big thing for security cameras

Body-mounted cameras have been touted for years as the next step in security cameras.

But the technology has a long way to go to reach widespread use in everyday life, and companies like Apple and Google have been trying to get there by launching new cameras with features like face recognition and a smart home mode.

Now the FBI is taking the next logical step with a new security camera.

The FBI is asking the Federal Trade Commission to regulate the technology, and is hoping to convince the FTC that the devices are more secure than the devices currently in use.

The FBI is hoping that the FBI can get the FTC to regulate cameras to better regulate them, as it would be illegal for a company to manufacture or sell an unsafe or deceptive device.

If it can, the FBI hopes that the FTC will require companies that sell the devices to take steps to secure their cameras and protect customers from fraud.

“The FBI will encourage any and all law enforcement agencies, private security organizations, and cybersecurity companies to comply with FTC regulations,” the FBI wrote in a statement to Ars.

“If a device is manufactured or sold to law enforcement, that device should be secured by a strong password and PIN to prevent unauthorized use.”

The FBI hopes to persuade the FTC the devices aren’t unsafe and the FBI doesn’t need to regulate them.

“We believe that the Federal Government should not be the only party regulating the devices that are currently on the market,” the agency said.

“We also believe that any law enforcement agency or private sector vendor that chooses to provide a device to the FBI should be required to provide an extra layer of security to the device that can prevent any third parties from exploiting it.”

The bureau is proposing rules that would regulate cameras from the very beginning, and the rules would apply to any device that could be used for a surveillance function, or from any device with an active security camera or facial recognition.

The rule would require the devices in use to be certified by a security firm, and any device using the same camera that has been certified would be considered a replacement.

According to the rule, the devices must be secured from tampering or unauthorized access and from tampering with the device’s internal memory.

The devices must also be installed in a way that is easy to remove and replace.

In addition, the rules could require companies to take a series of steps, including installing additional software that could help protect against the loss or theft of the devices.

The bureau is also proposing that the cameras should be stored separately from the cameras on the phone and other devices, and that companies would be required, for the first time, to store the devices and data on separate hard drives.

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