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Why your car is still watching you

Why your car is still watching you

If you’ve been stuck in traffic for more than an hour or so, your car might be trying to determine if you’re trying to hide from it.

It might be checking the weather or driving around looking for other vehicles.

And if you have a smartphone, it might be using your GPS to send text messages to other cars.

It’s called a car camera.

Cars in the United States are still tracking you, according to new research from the University of California at Davis, and the data collected from these cameras are not being used to help law enforcement protect the public.

That’s because they’re being collected by automakers, and they’re used to track the speed of cars in a specific area.

They’re also used to measure safety of vehicles in certain regions, according, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

The technology isn’t new.

But the new study is the first to use the technology to investigate whether it’s actually helping the public to live safer lives.

And while the study found some problems with the technology, it found that it’s still relatively easy to install and use.

“What we did here is really just demonstrate the general utility of these cars,” said Jennifer McQuillan, a UC Davis assistant professor of computer science and engineering who led the study.

The cameras work by capturing images of a car’s camera.

They also collect audio, which is captured using an audio recorder and uploaded to the car’s smartphone app.

The app then records that audio, and sends it to a database for the researchers to analyze.

The researchers looked at more than 12,000 cars and found that almost half of them had cameras that collected images from at least one sensor.

Only 2 percent of those cameras captured images from two or more sensors, McQuellan said.

In addition, about 20 percent of the cameras captured photos from a single car.

The cars were grouped into different regions based on the location of the sensors, according a report in the journal Automotive Engineering.

Cars that had two cameras in their windshield were in the Northeast, while cars with one camera were in California and Arizona.

McQullan and her colleagues found that the cameras’ use in the U

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