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How a small business was able to build a world-class photo system for its business

How a small business was able to build a world-class photo system for its business

The Indian startup that builds the world’s best photo camera system, is looking to build one for every business in the country.

The startup, Manta, was founded by Amit Kumar, a former Google engineer, and Satyendra Kumar, who was previously with the startup in the space.

They wanted to build the best possible camera for the business that they were in, and they have, and the technology has the potential to be the biggest thing in the business,” Kumar told TechCrunch in an interview.

Manta will use a company called Digital Photo Solutions to create the camera, and it will have sensors that allow the camera to capture images of anything on screen.

The camera will have 4K video and the capability to store them on the cloud for later playback.

The camera will also have a built-in mic and a front-facing camera.

The company said that the system will cost about $10,000 and be able to record 1.2 terabytes of data a day.

The company is aiming for the launch of the camera in 2019.

Might it be the camera that gets Apple Watch?

Yes, it’s definitely something we’re talking about,” Kumar said.

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