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When a tech bubble bursts, tech will have to adapt

When a tech bubble bursts, tech will have to adapt

Tech companies are going to have to learn to adapt to the pressures of the moment, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Tech companies can expect to be in the business of helping users do more and do better, not just to stay relevant, but to get the jobs done.

That means figuring out how to help people with disabilities, people with learning disabilities, students, and those with disabilities with mobility impairments get around more efficiently and to a greater degree, according to a report from the Journal.

Tech firms are likely to be forced to do a better job of helping people with physical disabilities get around in a world where the technology has evolved to be able to make them walk again, for instance, the WSJ says.

There are also growing concerns about the impact of the use of artificial intelligence on the workforce, particularly in the case of AI systems that are able to recognize patterns and predict what people will do, which can affect employees in ways that they might not be aware of.

A lot of these issues will become more pressing as we see AI-powered systems become more advanced and pervasive, and it’s going to be much more difficult for them to learn how to operate in the real world,” David T. Lewis, a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, told the WSj.

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