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How to use the WSdot camera for the perfect image from your phone or tablet

With all the cool features of a WSdot phone camera, you can also use the camera for photo and video editing.

WSdot’s new video editor is a little more advanced, and there are some nifty ways to capture footage.

Here’s how.


Zoom into the camera source Mashable title WSdot cameras: A simple way to record a live video source Mashables article WSdot is a new app for recording videos, and it’s got a bunch of useful features that make it a great fit for video editing, too.

For one, the app allows you to zoom in and out of a photo, allowing you to get an even closer look at the subject.

You can also edit video clips and take photos of objects with the WS dot camera.

The app’s camera app can also take video from your camera and upload it to WSdot.

To take a picture, you tap the WS-dot icon, then tap the camera icon, and then press the shutter button.

If you want to capture video, just swipe the WS dots icon from the top or bottom of the screen, then press and hold it.

If the camera app shows up in the video player, you’ll need to tap the shutter icon again to take a photo.

WS dot has a ton of features, and if you’re using the app for video, it might be worth taking a look at what you can do with the camera.

WS Dot video editor WS dot is the perfect way to take pictures with your WSdot smartphone camera.

You simply tap the W dot icon on your phone, then then tap Zoom.

You’ll see an overlay of the app showing you photos and videos.

To capture a video, you press the W dots icon on the screen and then tap Record.

The video will appear in the app.

If it doesn’t, try taking another photo.

You might be able to see a little detail in the shot if you tilt the phone or move the camera a little bit.

There are other great WSdot apps that offer similar capabilities, too, including Wix, Wip, and Woot.

WS-dots is a bit more complicated.

You first need to download and install WSdot for Windows, and WSdot has a bunch more options to help you make your videos and photos.

WSdots for Mac can be downloaded from the WSdot website.

WSx has a WS dot app, which you can install from the app store.

If WSdot isn’t your thing, there’s also a WSx app that lets you record video with your phone.

WSxx has an app called WSx Plus that lets users record video using WSdot Plus.

WSxxx has an WS dot and WSx video app, both of which you might want to try out if you have a WSxxx camera.

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