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A camera that turns your smart home into a security camera

A camera that turns your smart home into a security camera

A camera can turn your smart-home into a video surveillance camera.

And, it’s already making waves on the security world.

For example, security camera maker Axios spotted a new video camera that can turn smart-device sensors into security cameras.

And security cameras are becoming more common in homes, with the number of security cameras rising each year.

The cameras can also be used for other purposes.

And the cameras are usually connected to a central server and the data they collect is stored in a central database, meaning that it is accessible by anyone.

The Axios report explains how one of the first video cameras in the world was developed in Germany in the 1980s.

“In 1985, when the company, Axioms, was founded, a single security camera was developed,” the company says.

“The company has since developed more than 1,500 cameras, which include more than 5,000 in various locations in the US and Europe.”

One of the most common types of cameras are video cameras that are installed on walls and ceilings.

They record images and video on the screen and can capture images from up to 5 meters away.

The technology is called “headless” cameras, and it has been around for more than a decade.

The headless cameras, on the other hand, capture video from the ground or in front of a camera, or from the user’s face.

The video can then be uploaded to a database, and the images are stored in an external hard drive.

It is, in short, a form of video surveillance.

In the case of a headless camera, the camera captures the video from a position where the camera can’t see the user.

The camera is designed to record from any angle, including up to 100 degrees, in order to capture more accurate video.

But the technology can be quite useful for other uses.

For instance, the Axios article mentions the use of the headless video camera in an attempt to track down a car thief.

And it was also mentioned that a number of companies are using the technology in their home security systems.

But if you want a video camera, you can always buy a head-mounted camera.

The only downside of the technology is that it’s not available in every home.

Some smart-watches, such as Google Glass and Amazon’s Alexa, can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

But most home security cameras will only be able to record video from one side of the wall or ceiling.

If you want to record a video on another side of a wall or roof, you’ll have to buy an additional camera, which could cost you money.

That said, you should never rely on the technology alone.

You should always be looking for a security solution, including an alternative to head-up displays, to record your security footage.

The security cameras used in the Axiomes article come from a range of manufacturers.

Some cameras include a high-resolution video sensor, which can capture higher quality images, while others are made with sensors that can only capture a limited amount of data.

Other cameras will capture images on a computer screen, while other cameras record images on sensors on the floor, ceiling, or even ceiling.

One company, Xperio, is also making a headphone camera.

“We’re making cameras for people that need a different way to interact with their smart devices,” says CEO David Tack, “like they want to be able get in front and be able interact with it in a very unique way.”

You can check out the full report at Axios.

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