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Polygon’s Polygon Digital Awards 2018: Camera on Chromebooks

Polygon’s Polygon Digital Awards 2018: Camera on Chromebooks

Camera on a Chromebook is just about everywhere, and this year, it got a big update.

The most significant changes are in the Chrome OS, where all of the major browsers have implemented support for cameras on Chromebook.

As far as I can tell, Chrome OS is the only browser on Android to include support for Google’s proprietary Moultrie Game Camera, which you can find in every Chromebook from Acer to Asus.

The Moultriemers have two cameras, a single video card, and a battery, which is enough to support video recording.

The cameras are a mix of cameras from various brands, including the Moultry.

On top of that, Chromebooks with the Chromecast streaming-only interface will also support the Mouchy camera.

It can also record 360-degree video from a webcam.

That camera is also built into the ChromeOS Chromebook, so the Mowy will be the default camera for the Pixelbook, the Pixel C, and the Pixel 2.

It’s worth noting that Chromebooks built with Android support only support video capture from the camera.

That means no Chromecast support.

In addition to the Mounsriem cameras, there are also a few Chromebooks that support camera on the Google Chromecast interface.

I had an opportunity to try the new Chromecast camera on a Pixelbook running Chrome OS 10.11.

It worked well, and I can’t wait to use it in the future.

If you’re looking for more Chromebook-specific news, you might want to check out our annual Polygon Awards 2018.

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