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Apple Pay to be launched in India on February 7th, 2018

Apple Pay to be launched in India on February 7th, 2018

An Apple Pay launch in India will be the biggest news in tech history this year.

In a move that’s sure to please some, Apple Pay has been delayed till February 7, 2018, at least in the western part of the country.

The company has been pushing for the launch of the digital payments service in the country since February 7.

It has been widely expected to launch Apple Pay in the Indian market, as it has already been doing in other markets in Asia and the Middle East.

But, Apple has reportedly been in talks with the government of India over its push for the rollout.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is in talks to sell $10 million worth of the service to the government to build up the infrastructure for the new service in India.

The launch of Apple Pay will be a significant blow to the Indian government’s push for Apple to be the main payment service provider in the nation.

It is expected to create a $50 billion ecosystem in the coming years.

In addition to Apple Pay, the company has also partnered with leading mobile payment provider Paytm to bring the service in a number of countries.

According the report, Paytm is reportedly willing to launch its first India app in March 2018, which will be available for iOS and Android.

The timing of Apple’s Apple Pay release is not only significant for India, but it will also set a benchmark for the broader global adoption of Apple products.

It will also serve as a warning to Apple of the importance of building a global ecosystem for the payments industry.

The fact that Apple is willing to move ahead with a rollout is a strong sign that the company is prepared to go all-in on its push to build a billion dollar ecosystem for Apple products in India, which is a big deal for the Indian consumer.

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