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What you need to know about live animal camera cameras

What you need to know about live animal camera cameras

A live animal footage camera is just the beginning of the technology Australia’s largest camera maker is investing in.

As part of a $300 million investment, the company said it would soon start installing more than 10,000 cameras in the country’s bush and bushfire areas.

The company said the rollout of the cameras would also include “a robust network of remote monitoring stations” to assist people in bushfire situations.

The cameras will have the capability to track the movements of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, koalas and native animals such as the brown bear, which is seen as a pest in some areas of the country.

“These are some of the most unique animals in the world and we believe they will offer some of Australia’s best images for the conservation of our native species,” the company’s chief executive officer, Mark McEvoy, said.

The rollout of live animal video cameras will see the introduction of the new camera models into Australia’s bushfire hotspots.

The company says the cameras will be “designed to capture the highest quality images that are relevant to bushfire management and the community’s health”.

“The cameras are also designed to provide a unique, one-stop, remote monitoring service for the communities and communities themselves.”

The cameras’ cameras are connected to a remote computer system, allowing the users to monitor wildlife and remote monitor the status of fires.

The project is part of the company, which says it will be able to build and sell the cameras to private and government customers by the end of the year.

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