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Why the 3D cameras are so cool

3D video cameras can capture an image that looks like it was captured on a real camera, which can be used to recreate a scene in real time.The camera is usually a little smaller and lighter than a normal lens.The 3D-style camera has a unique way of processing light and color

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How to take video with a GoPro camera

GoPro camera: How to capture videos with a 3D camera.How to take a video with the GoPro camera.GoPro camera 3D: What to expect when you take your first GoPro video.How the GoPro cameras work.How long does it take to take your GoPro video?How long does GoPro camera last?What

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How to use a 3D camera for night owls

Using a smartphone camera is easy and free, but there are some things you should know when taking the plunge into 3D printing.The most common misconception about 3D printers is that they’re for photography, and that they work only for video.The truth is that 3D prints

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